The SCADA and Smart Grid Cyber Security Summit 2012

Cyber security for smart grid and the energy sector, what are the main issues?

It was an interesting discovery on our visit to London for the SCADA and smart grid cyber security summit held on April 26th and 27th. A number of prominent speakers on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security from around the world including Dr. Christopher Beggs, Managing Director of SIS discussed the nature of latest threats being faced by energy providers and the corresponding impacts on organisations.

Energy sector cyber security main challenges

The emerging theme from the presentations was that from an ICS security perspective, almost the same level of maturity exists around the world. Major security incidents occur due to the lax of ICS security specific frameworks, poor cyber incident response capabilities, and no security governance group in place to develop security strategies aligned with business needs. The need for specialists in ICS cyber security has never been more conspicuous.

Upcoming event – May 21st -24th

International Cyber Security Forum for Energy and Utilities

Our next destination is Abu Dhabi on May 21st -24th. This forum intends to address cyber security related issues facing critical infrastructure in the Middle East. The need for such an event is exemplified by the number of malware infecting computers in Middle East increasing by 40% in 2010, alone. Saudi Arabia has plans to spend $3.3Bn on Oil & Gas Security Infrastructure Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE are resolute to follow up.

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