Security Infrastructure Solutions is solely committed towards safeguarding the community and critical infrastructure asset owners and operators from cyber security threats. We are a global security consultancy organisation, specialising exclusively in the protection of mission critical systems.

SIS’ cyber security specialists work with your team in a controlled environment to assess your critical infrastructure and people. Our specialist team includes control system engineers with deep practical experience, coupled with cyber security researchers, maintaining distinguished leadership in the security community through research initiatives, uniquely differentiating us from other mainstream IT consultancy companies.

SIS has unrivalled experience and knowledge through working with control system environments every day. We are trusted leaders in our field, working globally with our clients towards achieving system robustness. We combine our deep understanding of industry best practices with innovative security solutions to identify and help mitigate the risks you face.

SIS is devoted to providing premier security consultancy services for critical infrastructure providers, and is ultimately dedicated to the success of your mission critical operations. As a registered ISO 9001 quality assured organisation, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services to each and every client.

Understanding the growing disconnect between control system and IT departments, SIS are uniquely positioned to assist organisations in bridging the divide between these two groups to enable synergy of operations protecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of critical assets.

Working together, we can help you make cyber security a priority, ensuring robust networks, effectively safeguarding the community from cyber threats.

Please contact us to get prepared in order to combat the cyber security challenge.