Our People

Our highly skilled and technically qualified specialists provide full-service ICS security solutions. The team have unrivalled experience and a deep understanding of control system environments.

  • Dr Christopher Beggs

    Dr Christopher Beggs is the principal ICS security risk specialist at SIS; the only national organisation solely dedicated to the security and safeguarding ICS/SCADA networks. Christopher will act as lead instructor for this event.

    He holds a PhD in Cyber-terrorism and SCADA security awarded by Monash University and is a Certified CSSA and SANS-GIAC Security Professional.

    Dr Beggs has been conducting ICS security assessments for critical infrastructure asset owners and operators as well as advising in designing, developing and implementing ICS security management programs.

    Christopher has been invited as a guest speaker at various SCADA security conferences and related forums worldwide. He has also published numerous papers on ICS/SCADA security & cyber-terrorism and is the author of the book “Safeguarding Infrastructure Assets from Cyber-terrorism: Measuring and Protecting SCADA Systems from Cyber-terrorist in Australia.”

  • Timothy Nicol

    Timothy is SIS’ principal ICS engineer with extensive consulting experience working on industrial control environments for critical infrastructure providers.

    He holds Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (Honours) from Monash University and is a SANS-GIAC GSEC Certified Security Professional.

    Timothy has extensive experience working in manufacturing and industrial control environments. He has managed various large-scale projects throughout his career, ranging from high volume manufacturing projects and transport through to ICS security projects, across mining, water and transportation sectors.

  • Hussam Chawa

    Hussam holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering awarded by the University of Arizona. He also maintains the following industry certifications: CCSA, CISSP, CCNP, CISA, and PMP.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the ICT domain and 6 years specialised on SCADA environments he has distinguished extensive hands-on experience in the design, development and execution of large-scale cyber security engagements across several critical infrastructure sectors including petrochemical, oil and gas transmission, petroleum and water distribution.

  • Dr Matthew Warren

    ICS Cyber Risk Consultant

    Dr Matthew Warren is a cyber information risk specialist. He gained a PhD in Security Risk Analysis Methods from Plymouth University and is internationally recognised for his consulting and scholarly work in the areas of Information Security, Risk Analysis and Critical Infrastructure Protection. He has worked across various critical infrastructure sectors including water, mining and emergency services, and developed a number of critical infrastructure modelling techniques for managing critical infrastructure incidents.