Examining the level of risk you face through specialist assessment.

Our specialists will start with a risk assessment of your situation.

In an ever-changing environment, we assess whether you are resilient to foreseeable threats.

Our assessments provide a framework for evaluating what level of security is appropriate to your organisation. As control systems continue to expand and integrate with business systems, the risks and complexity of cyber vulnerabilities must be addressed with the same vigilance as safety risk assessments.

Security begins with a clear look at where you stand now – Our specialists will start with a vulnerability assessment of your current-state ICS environment.

We are highly specialised at treating ICS cyber security threats.

Implement security controls to treat ICS vulnerabilities, strengthening your security posture.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

  • Gauge your security maturity level
  • Assess physical security with on-site visits
  • Gain recommendations of treatment controls
  • Learn from trusted security specialists
  • Understand industry best practices
  • Develop a strategy targeting 2020 readiness
Engineer assessing a situation  

Our team includes qualified engineers, risk analysts, and ICS cyber security specialists.

Via on-site visits, we assess security, look at the risk management you have in place, and gauge your ICS security maturity level.

Our team of specialists analyse the cyber and physical security vulnerabilities you face, taking into account foreseeable threats, and put in place security controls to strengthen your ICS security posture.

We help organisations make informed decisions and define a solution that is affordable and that can be delivered.

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