Security Infrastructure Solutions provides a comprehensive range of cyber security consultancy services to effectively secure your ICS or SCADA environment from cyber threats.

Security strategy and operational governance

Our specialists take the time to understand your business as a whole. Then, we build a security resilience strategy and governance framework that fits with your business; because it’s tailored to you.

Vulnerability assessment and risk management

Our unique assessment methodology evaluates your current state risk posture to understand what level of security is appropriate for your organisation.  We generate bespoke cyber security threat scenarios to measure the impact.  We then devise security controls to mitigate risk and to strengthen your security posture from the core.

Security architecture and infrastructure design

At the design stage, security requirements can be built into the system specification, rather than being a ‘bolt-on’ or costly afterthought. By planning ahead, we’ll make sure your control system environment is resilient from the word go.

Assurance testing and compliance

We provide security auditing and assessments against industry standards, to support your compliance initiatives and regulatory obligations.  Via regular review of your technical environment and operational processes, we will identify areas to strengthen your cyber security risk posture.  Be confident your mission critical systems are still resilient to threats.