In an ever-changing threat environment, we assess whether your assets remain resilient to the latest threats.

Operational Assurance

With a cyber security strategy in place and an established governance framework, often the most challenging aspect for organisations is the ongoing management and security compliance adherence.

With unrivalled field experience working with critical infrastructure environments on a day-to-day basis, SIS’ team of cyber security specialists are best placed to assess whether your mission critical operations remain resilient to the latest cyber threats.

We will benchmark your security posture against industry standards and best practices to understand any gaps, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding immediate investment priorities.

We will assess the effectiveness of your cyber security strategy, and provide assurance of your security governance framework; that security policy and standards documentation is linked to the business objectives and effectively mitigates security risks and satisfies compliance requirements. We review security management system documentation to ensure guidelines and procedures are understandable; and that policy statements are measurable.

Benefits of regular testing

  • Calibrate your risk profile and strategy to the latest cyber security threats.
  • Be confident you are still resilient to threats.
  • Adapt your security strategy as your business develops.
  • Keep up-to-date with advances in security know-how.

Technical Testing

SIS offers a number of technical testing services that are based on proven industry best practices and standards – both within the Corporate IT and OT domain environments. These include:

  • System Technical Vulnerability Identification and Verification;
  • Field/ Network Device Technical Vulnerability Identification and Verification;
  • System Vulnerability Exploitation (Penetration Testing);
  • Exploit Research and Development for Identified Vulnerabilities;
  • System Configuration Weakness Testing and Verification; and
  • System Stress Testing.
SIS’ team of cyber security specialists has an extensive background in various platforms and expertise that allows them the ability to tackle configurations from the perspective of a real world cyber attack. The team also is certified in various industry standards and ICS/ SCADA qualifications, which allow for specific expertise towards cyber security assurance. This form of testing provides you with visibility into technical misconfigurations or vulnerabilities that may lead to a cyber incident.

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