Understand your cyber security risk and how to respond.

Protect your operations by reducing cyber security risk exposure.

A cyber incident impacting your industrial control and automation systems can cause major challenges to your business, including damage to critical infrastructure assets and your brand, a threat to your operational licences, and most significantly, harm to your onsite operators or the broader community.

Vulnerability assessments enable you to understand the specific cyber security risks to your operations, and how to best invest your security budget to mitigate the risks. We work with you to identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks that are specific to your control system environment. SIS’ assessment methodology is specifically designed for process control, SCADA and industrial automation environments.

Assessment Benefits

  • Understand your level of cyber security maturity.
  • Realise the level of risk to your control systems.
  • Learn from our team’s experience in managing cyber threats.
  • Build towards your desired state of security maturity.
  • Benchmark against industry standards and best practices.
  • Align security spend to the risks you face.
  • Find and remediate security gaps before they are exploited.
  • Provide assurance to management and shareholders that you are secure.
Identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks specific to your control system environment.
Security begins with a clear look at where you stand now – Our proven methodology starts with an assessment of your current-state security maturity level. We take the time to understand your business via technical analysis of your systems and review of your operational procedures.

We analyse both cyber and, via onsite visits, physical security vulnerabilities you face, taking into account foreseeable threats, to put in place security controls to strengthen cyber resilience against the escalating cyber threat. We’ll work with you to develop a high level plan of security opportunities based on industry best practices and standard advisories.

We help you prioritise and make informed decisions by defining security controls that are affordable and that can be delivered. An independent assessment and endorsement of your security posture provides reassurance to your customers, regulators and the broader community that cyber security is effectively managed and governed.

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