Plan ahead, think security first.

We’ll make sure your environment is resilient from the word ‘go’.

Consideration of security architecture at the design stage is critical for any control system environment. Lax security architecture planning makes it increasingly difficult to secure your control systems and requires continued costly investment in security products and services as a ‘bolt-on’ solution.

SIS’ approach to security architecture focuses on a layered approach to infrastructure design, to ensure your environment is resilient from the word ‘go’.

We employ system engineering principles towards the development of secure architecture by first analysing your business requirements at the outset, creating a chain of traceability through to your business strategy ensuring your business mandate is preserved, and that the solution design and subsequent implementation, supports, enhances, and protects this strategy.

Key benefits

  • Apply proven design methodologies to develop secure architectures
  • Align control selection to standards such as IEC62443
  • Assess designs against industry best practice
  • Gain assurance your systems are secure from Day One
  • Reduce the operational lifecycle support costs
SIS is best in class for IT/OT integration work in Australia.

– IT Program Manager, Newcrest Mining Limited

SIS specialists can review either new or existing designs to examine the network topology and technical security controls to provide a third-party evaluation and verification that the design meets security compliance requirements, and is also resilient against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Architecture Considerations

  • Control system interfaces to the enterprise network
  • Network zoning and DMZ segregation
  • Operator authentication and authorisation management
  • Remote access connectivity for support & third party access
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Operational security management
  • Attack detection/prevention and security monitoring

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