Implementation & Integration Services

We can help you transform your control system environment.

SIS’ implementation and integration services directly complement our strategic and architectural advisory industrial cyber security solutions, to help you plan and build new resilient systems, that seamlessly integrate with your existing control system environment.

Our specialists can provide advisory on the most efficient strategies to configure technologies in order to optimise your ICS/SCADA environment. Our team have rich field experience in the design and implementation of a broad range of control system technologies, and have knowledge on a wealth of product portfolios.

We will work with you and your team to develop an optimal solution that integrates new systems within legacy environments, that is in line with your security strategy and has traceability to your business requirements. We can guide you each step of the way, from initial concept, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance through to decommissioning.

SIS’ approach to achieve your goals will be based on our proven methodology, providing our consultants with a common and consistent method, structuring work activities and tasks around a high-quality standard that builds on SIS’ experience in safeguarding critical infrastructure, globally.

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